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Come enjoy the 44th annual Sorghum Festival in West Liberty, KY on September 26th, 27th & 28th 2014!  For general information contact 606-743-3330.

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Since 1971, Morgan County and thousands of visitors have celebrated the Sorghum Festival.  The mule-drawn cane mill, steaming vats, and little jugs of sorghum molasses set the stage for three full days of Kentucky mountain heritage.  Live music, a parade, the Old Country Store, Sorghum Queen crowned at the annual Sorghum Bowl Game, and over 100 art and craft displays fill West Liberty with sight, sound, and excitement.

Come join us and experience the 45th annual Morgan County Sorghum Festival during the last full weekend of September, the 25th, 26th & 27th of 2014 for a taste of pure Kentucky.

For more information regarding the following please call:

General Information - (606)743-3330 or (606)743-2300

You can also go to their official website located here:  



One of the main attractions is the mule-drawn cane mill which is set up at Old Mill Park on Riverside Drive in West Liberty.  Here you can sample the best sorghum around. 

The annual Sorghum Bowl football game, with the crowning of Sorghum Queen at half-time, is on Friday night.

The parade is always held on a Saturday, starting at 1:00pm.  The parade includes floats of local organizations, churches, and marching bands. ALL roadways coming into downtown West Liberty will be shut down at 12:45 pm and no one will be allowed entry.  To make sure you do not miss the parade, be in your viewing area no later than 12:30 pm.

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Listen to live entertainment on the stages at Old Mill Park all three days absolutely FREE!!!